Anais Does Live2d

Hi I'm Anais
I'm a tardigrade, vtuber on the side, live2d rigger the other.

Commission Status:


Jan-June 2022 Rigs

Jan-Nov 2021 Rigs

Terms of Service

ToS: Overall

  • I have the right to refuse any project. (improper layer cutting, no contact with the artist for revisions, rush deadline, anatomy i don't understand. conditions beyond my skillset etc,)

  • I am open to replicating a rig reference on some parts IF and only if original creator post a public tutorial how. Complex rigs require study and trial and error thus will not be accurate. Best if you commission the actual rigger if there is a style you are eyeing to.

  • Current commissions are prioritized before upgrades if you'll add in some upgrades in the future. Upgrades are done after the current batch commissions

  • Future upgrades such as additional hairs, clothes will follow new pricing.

  • By commissioning me, you are agreeing to put your model's rig showcase in my portfolio, show work in progress clips or screenshots on my pages. If not, There will be an additional 20% of the Total for Privacy Fee.

  • Please credit me. This should be in your bio and about page. パパ: or Rigger:. Artist tag on Twitch is an option

  • Personal information will only be for documentation/Payment process and both parties data should be kept private.

ToS: Application and Process

  • I do not accept rerigging of Live2d files

  • No to rush commissions. I have a dayjob in real life. Ideally deadlines would be flexible or after, not during the period since i cannot rig them all at the same time. This may be a reason for rejecting your application.

  • I would recommend to have contact with the model artist as much as possible. My workflow involves asking the artist to QAQC some Head angles to fit their artstyle

  • ^ Artists involved preferably not a minor to not disturb their schoolwork and such.

  • ^ Artist agrees for the rigger to add masks or overpaint incase changes are minor and doable in the rigger's part. BUT rigger will not "fix layers"(e.g. change color/cosmetic) to change the design of the model just because client is not satisfied with them. Please ask the artist to apply that change.

  • ^ Artist agrees to add on missing layers or do some corrections(regarding rigging) that are not doable on the rigger's part.

  • Both artist and client would at least be civil during communication.

  • There will be a Google Drive folder link shared. Files related to the commission will be uploaded in this folder.

  • The estimate working timeline is 4-16 weeks after giving signal I'm starting.

  • The client will only receive .MOC3 and not CMO/editable live2dfile file.

  • Upto 5 revisions are offered when rigging is in progress. After the commission is closed, 3 minor revisions are offered. Additional changes will cost 2-5% of total price.

ToS: workflow

  • A week after the Google form is closed, I'll be contacting those who I'll accept.

  • I will confirm the final quote with client. Paypal invoice will be sent via link or email.

  • Commission status is updated on my Trello . I'll message you when I start working on your model.

  • Head Angles will be sent to artist for QAQC if available. There may be adjustments to smoothen the transition from one angle to another.

  • If there any any small adjustments desired by the client after trying out the model, these corrections will be fixed and I will send a new version of the files.

  • There will be 2 trials during the commission period. Head Angles and final product. Client is free(5 on the first trial and 5 on the final) to add in corrections during the period.

  • Texture Atlas size will be 4096px but can be adjusted smaller or bigger if needed.

Payments and Refunds

  • Client must be of legal age old enough to be responsible to pay for these digital goods.

  • Once details are confirmed and the commission is ready to be accepted, I will send you an invoice Thru Paypal for the payment. Gcash is an option for PH residents.

  • payment will be 50% upfront(non-refundable) and 50% to get the .moc3 file for testing

  • I do not offer refunds. Therefore please think first and prepare the fund first before applying.

  • If I accept your commission, you are agreeing that you are applying and paying for this rigging commission under the agreement that you will not chargeback payment.

Live 2d Rigging Pricing

Half Body = Waist Up
Full Body = Head to Toe

Half-Full Body Rig
1000 USD (Half)- 1500+(Full) USD Base

Chibi Rig
200 USD minimum USD Base on difficulty

  • 3/4 Head movement

  • Eye detail Physics.

  • ZYX Face Angles

  • ZYX Body Angles

  • mouth movement(Mouth Open + Mouth Form+ mouth X)

  • Eyeblink, Eyesmile

  • Breathing

  • Detailed Physics(Arms, Accessories, Eyes, Hair, Clothes)

Additional costs


TypePrice (USD)
Complexity of design (Head+default clothes)+0-500
Non-Human Features(Animal Ears/Tail Physics Only)80 Ears pair / 60 Tail
Non-Human Features(Horns)40+ per pair depending on complexity
Non-Human Features(Wings Physics Only)150+ depending on complexity
Pets(with tracking)/ComplexProps250+ depending on complexity
Renaming Layers or Improper Layer Names/Different Language1 per layer
Privacy Fee20% of Total Price

IOS Advance Mouth Tracking

TypePrice (USD)
TongueOut(IOS Tracker)150
CheekPuff(IOS Tracker)50
Mouth XIncluded
VBridge Mouth (Not be applicable for those with tongue outs for now)300

Alternate Parts/Clothes

TypePrice (USD)
Alternate Mouth (sad/ angry mouths) Non Vbridger Mouth100
Sticker Toggle (nophysics nor angles)10
Toggled Expression(e.g. removal of an item, angry symbol with physics/ exclamation point, ellipsis, simple accessories, Expressions with Angles and Physics)30
Additional Hand/Arm (static)80 ~ 150
Drawing Arm (mouse tracking)150
Change of Clothes +shoes (accessories not on the body not included)300+ HalfBody, 700+ Fullbody depending on complexity
(NSFW) Naked Body Toggle with Private Parts (Females Only)250-Half 500-Full
Additional Hairstyle200+Depending on complexity


TypePrice (USD)
Lost Tracking Animation(just a Sleeping pose)30+
Simple Animation/Animated Expressions(Hand Waving, Sparkles)50+ depending on complexity
Wings(Idle animation):200+ per pair depending on complexity
Animal Ears - Twitch/Idle Animation(non Physics Trigger)+120


Head Angles


Sample Sleep Animation

Majority of the time I'm lazy making these since it involves video editing. Thumbnails at the bottom link to each client's streaming/social pages. Also seeing them in action may give you a better PoV of the rig getting used real time. Also ye follow them. They are all nice to work with